Stake your NFTs to get daily rewards
We've developed a first-class staking platform from scratch. It's not escrow-based. NFT remains in your wallet when you stake.
Staking is available through the website and our mobile app.

Ducks' rewards

You are able to choose what you want to receive for staking your Ducks ($SOL or $BEAK).

SOL rewards

We allocate:
  • 20% of Ducks' secondary sales royalty
  • 50% of Quackpot profit
  • 10% of Pigeons' secondary sales royalty
to the SOL rewards. This amount is split between ALL STAKED DUCKS. If the holder chooses to receive $BEAK rewards, his $SOL will be added to the Liquidity Pool for $BEAK.

$BEAK rewards

  • Duck rate x1 receives 2.0 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x1.2 receives 2.4 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x1.5 receives 3.0 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x2 receives 4.0 $BEAK per day.

Pigeons' rewards

Every pigeon will receive 2.4 $BEAK per day.