Danger Valley Ducks

7777 is the only number. No more, no less. Stake Ducks, trade Ducks, hold Ducks, quack with Ducks, be a Duck. Are Ducks dangerous? No one knows. Are the Ducks real? For quack sake yes!
You're a Duck. I'm a Duck. We are all Ducks. But besides us, there are some who don't understand what a quack is. Do you know what "quack" means? Only Ducks know.
  • Supply: 7,777
  • Mint Date: Dec 18th, 2021
  • Mint Price: 0.77 SOL

Where can you buy a Duck?

We are listed on all major Solana marketplaces.

Staking rewards

You are able to choose what you want to receive for staking your Ducks ($SOL or $BEAK).

SOL rewards

We allocate:
  • 20% of Ducks' secondary sales royalty
  • 50% of Quackpot profit
  • 10% of Pigeons' secondary sales royalty
to the SOL rewards. This amount is split between ALL STAKED DUCKS. If the holder chose to receive $BEAK rewards, his $SOL will be added to the Liquidity Pool for $BEAK.

$BEAK rewards

  • Duck rate x1 receives 2.0 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x1.2 receives 2.4 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x1.5 receives 3.0 $BEAK per day.
  • Duck rate x2 receives 4.0 $BEAK per day.

Holding benefits

  • Staking rewards (SOL or $BEAK).
  • Ability to play all slots in Quackpot.
  • 10% discount on all tickets in ArtRaffle.

Royalty share

  • 20% to Ducks' holders via Staking
  • 20% to the $BEAK Liquidity Pool
  • 60% to the Team

Future of Ducks

  • You will be able to burn your Duck and receive $BEAK.
  • You will be able to upgrade your Duck using $BEAK.
  • More to come...