What is $BEAK?


$BEAK is the currency of Danger Valley. A new and unexplored substance has become the new gold. The ducks have only found one deposit of this valuable material. Its quantity is limited and all its properties are not yet fully understood. The research continues, although $BEAK tokens are already being used to pay for entertainment in the duck community. Even pigeons mimic ducks, although no one is sure that they know what they are doing.

How do I get $BEAK?

💰 Earn some BEAK: https://dangervalley.com/earn

You can receive $BEAK by staking your birds.

Ducks staking rewards:

  • Duck rate x1 receives 2.0 $BEAK per day.

  • Duck rate x1.2 receives 2.4 $BEAK per day.

  • Duck rate x1.5 receives 3.0 $BEAK per day.

  • Duck rate x2 receives 4.0 $BEAK per day.

Pigeons staking rewards:

  • Every pigeon will receive 2.4 $BEAK per day.

Where to stake my Ducks and Pigeons?

You can stake them at https://staking.dangervalley.com/

What can I spend $BEAK on?

  • ArtRaffle

  • Quackpot

  • The Chess

  • Laboratory

  • Solana Substance mint

  • All our future games and apps

Is there a limited supply of $BEAK?

The supply of $BEAK is capped at 77,700,000, and there will be automated burn mechanics outlined in detail in our Tokenomics.

BEAK is not an investment and has no economic value.

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