An overview of the mechanics and utility of $BEAK.

Well, this page is outdated. It's our Tokenomics 1.0, and so many things happened since that. We'll update this doc soon.

$BEAK is the currency of Danger Valley. A new and unexplored substance has become the new gold. The ducks have only found one deposit of this valuable material. Its quantity is limited and all its properties are not yet fully understood. The research continues, although $BEAK tokens are already being used to pay for entertainment in the duck community. Even pigeons mimic ducks, although no one is sure that they know what they are doing.


Token buckets% of supplyTokens

Charitable Donations









Advisors & Influencers



Public allocation









Total Supply




Tokens in the treasury are used to fill public circulation, burn, and for other purposes. When each token is released into public circulation from the treasury, an equivalent number of tokens are burned. The automatic burning mechanism will operate until the number of tokens in the treasury equals or exceeds 13.33% of all tokens.


Many generous rewards await our community for their love for the residents of Danger Valley. Every $BEAK given out of the treasury will go to those who have cherished them.

Among the rewards will be:

  • Early Staking Reward for those who first get their birds in a row after the release of the token.

  • Staking Reward for those who will stake their birds. The bigger or rarer the birds the greater the reward.

  • Unlist Reward for those who will pick up their birds from the public sale during the event. The terms of the award will be stated in the announcement of the event.

  • Competition Reward for those who will take part and win in the contest between Danger Valley holders. They are very fond of team contests. Let's see what they surprise us with.

  • Season Rewards for those who take part in Danger Valley life events. At the end of each season, a special award will be given to all participants.

The Pigeons will arrive in Danger Valley on June 3rd. And token will come with them.

But we want to reward our OG holders since today. So if you manage to stake your Ducks for 10-20-30 days before pigeons arrive, you'll get a token airdrop bonus. The longer the staking period, the greater the reward.

◦ 30 days before Pigeons is x2.5 (stake since May 4th)

◦ 20 days before Pigeons is x2.0 (stake since May 5th-15th)

◦ 10 days before Pigeons is x1.5 (stake since May 16th-24th)


Every time we get tokens from the Treasury (for example, for staking), an equivalent number of tokens are automatically burned.

Why, you may ask? The coin is a strange mysterious substance, all properties of which the ducks have not yet studied, but they have already noticed that the coin has the property of evaporating over time.

So when the user Stakes our NFTs, he not only receives $BEAK but also increases the price of the token!

Liquidity Pool

We've already started to collect liquidity. There are main sources of liquidity pool:

◦ 20% of Ducks' royalty.*

◦ 20% of the Pigeons' mint.

◦ 20% of the Pigeons' royalty.

This is now a complete, but not final, list of sources. Liquidity will be filled from other sources as the project grows.

*Wallet: 292tdFqbtpHrKd1R5cT38DN9geAyTKfy7hhHZF6Wqcek


For the boldest and most public of ducks, we have a special coin pool. There will be no restrictions or conditions, everyone who wants to get a little richer will get that opportunity. In the hunt for the Danger Valey rewards, you'll have to work up a sweat.

Prepare your wallets and wait for the first bounty program.

Charitable Donations

Generosity and support are among the values we follow. 1% of all tokens will be donated to charity. The size and purpose of the donation will be determined by a vote of our community. We also reserve the right for all duck payers to propose their charitable initiatives for public consideration.

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