Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for ArtRaffle

Rules for players

  1. All NFT prizes are held by ArtRaffle in escrow and can be claimed by the winner once the draw is done.

  2. Raffle tickets cannot be refunded.

  3. Raffle tickets will not be refunded if you do not win the raffle.

Rules for creators

  1. When you create a raffle, the NFT prize you have chosen will be transferred from your wallet into our escrow.

  2. We take a 2% fee from the raffle creators.

  3. You will have to pay 100 BEAK to create a raffle. But for now, it's free for some time.

  4. Your NFT will be returned if there are no ticket sales. Contact support to get your NFT back if there are no ticket sales.

  5. The raffle can't be edited or canceled after creation.

  6. The ArtRaffle team can hide your raffle from all lists if there are too many reports.

  7. If you host a raffle with $GOO, notice that the fee for $GOO raffles is 50%. And all the fee will be burnt!

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