Good to know: Danger Valley team is fully doxxed.


Mike is the founder of Danger Valley. He is an expert in software development. If Solana is the Matrix, Mike is Neo in it. He literally knows everything about Solana. He's been in crypto since 2013. Interesting in NFT since 2018. In rock`n`roll his whole life. And now, he and his team are going to build the biggest Solana-based gaming platform.

Rocket Lewis

Rocket Lewis is the father of Danger Valley art. Style. Art Direction. All the visuals you see are his doing. He has a lot of experience as an art director in game development. His ideas are tried to be copied, his vision is imitated. In rock 'n' roll his whole life. They've been working with Mike since 2015.


Remesher is the main person whom you speak with. He is growing and supporting the Danger Valley community. He helps shape the concept of Danger Valley. In crypto since 2017. In rocknroll his whole life. He is never indifferent and always ready to help.

Mobile app team

Dima and Mark

Dima and Mark are our mobile developers. They are responsible for our iOS and Android applications. All features you see in our iOS and Android app - are because of them. They manage mobile app content, send push notifications, and decide which new features to add first.