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Danger Valley

Solana-based gaming platform

Our Vision

We are building the Future. We believe in Web3, Decentralized Internet, and that Crypto is the future of FinTech. Danger Valley is going to help it grow.
We are building a platform, where people can play and communicate with each other. We want to populate the blockchain games and show that it's the next level of the gaming industry.

What we created

Danger Valley Ducks

We have launched an NFT collection on Solana. We've sold out in 7 minutes.

Mobile app

We developed a mobile app for iOS and Android where you can manage your Ducks.


We launched 2 games. Quackpot: Rocket Quest:


We've developed a first-class staking platform for NFTs on Solana. We created it from scratch. NFT remains in your wallet.


We've developed a Solana-based NFT raffle system.

Where can you buy a Duck?

We are listed on all major Solana marketplaces.
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